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it's a story ,

The Person,

small girl with big dreams.
i'm officially in love with
my family & friends. I care about those
who care about me. Unusually crazy, playful
noisy and lazy. I live for a reason (: ,
and I'm loving my ever-so wonderful life. ?
Hate me if you want, i'm not stopping you.
Love me and i'll love you back.

Desires ,
  • World Peace

  • Never-Ending Happiness

  • True Friendships

  • A smile on faces of those around me

  • A fruitful & meaningful life

  • A smooth 2011 :)

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    Friday, May 16, 2008 - 11:02 AM
    Life's GOOD~

    just now chat wif baby on phone :D
    we use malay to argue with each other!!
    he say : u memalukan keluarga,keluarga u memalukan masyarakat, masyarakat memalukan negara~
    i say : u pergi mati lah!
    he say : i mati pun mau bawa you sama-sama mati~
    i say : i tak berdosa pun, tak mau mati, mau enjoy life dulu, mau beli kasut, tonton wayang,melancong dulu~

    but anyway..just argue for fun~
    joking nia~

    lame right?

    just now called dai sou too
    and chat for a while
    abt alot of 38 thingss
    haha =)
    nvm la the babies pic no me =/
    dai sou heart got me den can liao xD
    and of cuz
    abt LYY~

    tml is saturday
    and den sunday~
    and den MONDAY~
    can go get my shoes!!
    whoo hoo!! =)
    so hyper now!
    book jor tickets lerh~
    can go watch movie liaoo xD

    today ponteng skul lah.
    teachers day in my school is crap.
    rather sleep in the house
    ah ching oso no go skul.
    so we mai 38 again lorh~
    lOL =)

    and den 38 with cousin~
    threw my slippers to him xD
    his gf called me and i 38 with her again~
    haha..but he really damn gila wan lahhh =]

    feeling so much like a 38por now xD
    tml going to 38 with my martin frens =))

    haizz..frustrated abt my kh project lahh
    duno a damn thing about it!
    projects suck !!
    exams suck even more!!
    gotta sacrifice my holidays for some bloody extra classes
    which are
    superb boring and dull~
    OWNING~ [got this word from baby ;p]

    he is so damn annoying~
    oh yeahh..and dont try to show off
    cuz u suck to the max !
    yup yup .
    and she!!
    the water buffalo!!
    dont get onto my nerves please..
    i treated u as one of my besties
    and this is what i get in return?
    so much for treating ppl like u as SISTERS =[
    oowwhhh by the way,
    you suck too!

    looking foward to tml =)
    everyday is a bright day xD

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 - 4:11 AM
    my number 62 POST~

    number 62 post!

    this post is dedicated to
    ~ [ m y b a b y ] ~

    thank you for letting me believe and trust again.
    now, i believe.
    and i am thankful
    for you being by my side =)

    may forever place itself~
    among us :D


    just another ordinary day ~

    Monday, May 12, 2008 - 8:30 AM
    New Skin `//

    new skin
    simple skin =)

    kh project havent finish yet
    and i am still blogging!
    OMG //

    today ah chelle no mood before lunch
    so no 38 news to tell =X

    xue wen's lost her phone!
    dont let me know who stole her phone!
    i am going to murder him/her!

    haiz..patches and bessie fighting over their
    bones again~

    he is having exam tml~
    good luck worhh xD
    and he say he wont pek me lerh~
    and ah ching dun angry tetty jor la :D

    maths very sien!
    param picks on me!
    borrow book to copy oso canot!
    ayamas picks on - 4th Sou
    Jeeva picks on - dai SOu
    Umi picks on - iris
    Param picks on - ME [poor,unlucky ME]

    handphone service interupt again~
    sei lorr..
    gonna get scolded by mummy again~
    S.O.B.S XXX

    must start study jor lu~
    mid term coming alrd~
    haizz..pmr coming d lahh!
    time flies[i know i've been repeating this!]

    everybody had a hair cut today!
    is today hair-cut-day?
    jia li,xue wen, gpo, pui yan, wan qi.....

    kena summoned by kang today for fringe touching the eyebrowns!

    dint do anything for my mother on mothers day..
    nvm la..celebrate togehther with fathers day lorh~

    sooo many mosquitoes feeding on me!
    gotta off9 now!
    if not i'm gonna lost too much blood to the mosquito kisses~

    i do miss you my dear :D

    Thursday, May 8, 2008 - 6:53 AM
    Love is Sweet ;)

    love is sweet =)

    time really really flies!
    i cant believe that its 08/May already!
    PMR nearer!!

    today oso sampat with ah sorhs
    infact, we have been 38ing since i-dont-know-when!!
    love u ah sorhs!!

    damn du lang him~
    eat shit lahhh!!!

    cherating trip going to come jor!
    enough money to buy sport shoes jor!!
    can buy some extra clothes tim~
    so pathetic lahh me...
    buy clothes oso wanna use savings..
    mummy never sponser!
    haizz....."ming ku"

    so many things~
    so little money~
    conclusion : money is essential~

    today 38 alot of things lah..
    one is the gal beside ciia,
    another two is chelle geh hubbies
    and 2 girls~
    damn bad lah us

    seni time make the ah sorh club advertisment =)
    so funny lah..
    the smiley faces all diffrent geh ;p

    looking foward to cherating trip
    now i oso blogging often jor~
    the ah sorhs lah!
    always wan updates!

    Thursday, May 1, 2008 - 11:40 PM
    She's Not Leaving =)

    have not been updating recently =)
    haha. lazy marrhh!!

    hmm...let celebrate a new relationship

    presenting [ leticia sou ] and [ bro ]
    hope you guys love each other as much as you guys love
    fahrenheit~! hahax

    chelle was going to leave but she say her mummmy dont wanna leave
    her dad~
    so she DINT go afterall~
    haha..its a MIRACLE!!
    now i believe in miracles!!

    went roller with G and B
    those two really sampat ppl~!!
    still fun
    but quite boring after that cuz we looking for place to eat =(
    ohh...sorry dear shelby!
    i should not have called you out ystd!

    roller pk like hell!!
    my hand and legs still hurts now!!!! >.<

    ponteng-ed today cuz too lazy to go school.
    just one day anyway..still got kh tim~

    sports day was fun!!
    iris and hoey man skipped the 400m open run!!
    me and weii ran together
    luckily we passed~
    we went for the sports day just to score one mark
    for matthew house!
    this year matthew house got the 3rd~
    but its allright~ everythings over now!!
    hehe =)

    pui yan. xue wen. and gpo skipped sports day!!
    lazy bums!!! =)

    fahrenheit's new single is out -> [sour sweet] title of the song
    its cute and nice
    [ all frh songs are nice lahh.NO DOUBT]

    and den after sports day we went leisure mall ler
    so hard to catch a cab
    so we crossed to the opposite bus stop
    we were the last [phei.cia.baobei.me]
    we were talking bad abt sh in the taxi~
    den cia ask us : why we always have to talk bad abt her in the taxi?
    we were overjoyed when we got on the cab
    phei still say mau buka champagne to celebrate tim~
    za dou -.-

    and reached leisure mall~
    went watch movie with cia.bro.kenneth.ms.xy.cv
    got ppl sponser!
    the beginning of ironman was quite boring
    but i like the end =)
    haha..and den when bro go home
    cia pun go cheung k with bao beii
    phei sit bus balik~
    me and some guys sit shu wei's car
    to the lrt station~
    i wish i dint stay so far from leisure mall~
    den i can join bao beii gpo cia and brenda to cheung k
    also pasar malam tim~
    haiz...miss leisure mall so much!
    last time when i was small always go leisure mall buy
    ice cream makan wan~
    sobx sobx.

    went home almost half dead!!
    yay! sports day is over!!
    all the sun and sweat
    which reminds me pmr is drawing nearer
    and i am doing nothing about it~

    still confused with those algebraig formulaes!!!