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it's a story ,

The Person,

small girl with big dreams.
i'm officially in love with
my family & friends. I care about those
who care about me. Unusually crazy, playful
noisy and lazy. I live for a reason (: ,
and I'm loving my ever-so wonderful life. ?
Hate me if you want, i'm not stopping you.
Love me and i'll love you back.

Desires ,
  • World Peace

  • Never-Ending Happiness

  • True Friendships

  • A smile on faces of those around me

  • A fruitful & meaningful life

  • A smooth 2011 :)

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    Sunday, November 25, 2007 - 3:07 AM
    Ultimate Bitch

    you total ultimate crazy bitch..!!
    wanna quarrel huh?
    come on then u think i am scared huh?

    Saturday, November 24, 2007 - 10:32 AM
    She did it again

    it happened AGAIN
    she freaked out again
    right INFRONT of MY HOUSE..!
    what the hell was she thinking???
    i mean..a normal person dont just go scolding people in the
    middile of the night and cursing people on the top of their lungs...
    damn..it make me look like such a fool
    i dont give a damn about what a crazy bitch think about me anyway
    why should i care?
    1st of all...she is the problem generator here and i still have my normal life
    just wait until the day i grow up and earn my own money
    i'll tell you to getta hell out of my house
    what's got into you huh?
    you've been around cursing people for like 20 years
    and you've bring enough trouble for me and my family
    i'll let you high for another four or five years
    and by then...you'll best be packing ur clothes and everything..
    oh yeah...and bring ur fat ass brother to the old folks home too
    if luck dont stand on your side...oh....too bad..
    i dont mind tht...
    and u scolded my aunt..!!
    my dearest aunt....HOW DARE U
    irritating biotch.....stop acting like one..!

    and people should learn some manners in MSN...
    anyway..i wasnt very polite 2 u in MSN
    i apologize for tht :p
    (this was not written to that biotch)

    martin was usually fun =)
    we ponteng-ed geography lesson but it turned out tht we ponteng-ed
    BM....oh...let it be..as long as i have fun...

    PMR is drawing nearer...
    DAD...u r actually complaining about me being too lazy in the holidays?
    okay..lets see next year...
    i'm gonna score in PMR ..
    i dont give a damn about tht bloody wesley exam
    my final and most ultimate aim is :-

    .::yeah finally i am going to post the application form for FLH fans club msia::.

    Sunday, November 18, 2007 - 11:09 AM

    long time no update this blog..
    its time to bullshit again..
    well...i think blogging is a little
    i mean a little boring....haha..
    to me perhaps...

    oh yeah...anyway..my last post was the martin-tuition-thingy
    too bad..going 2 singapore so i've gotta skip tuesday's chinese & maths
    arrgghh.....one thing god about martin is that they provide free kelas tambahan..
    haha....good for me... =)

    friday i skipped school and went back to my primary school instead...
    haha..as a matter of fact, i've been visiting my primary school quite frequently..
    lol...so not much changes there.. -_-
    mrs.yee is retiring..she's once my english teacher
    i've gotta thank her for my A in english for UPSR..
    friday was her last day...so went back to have a photo session with her...
    and met many old friends..*lurves and misses* them soooo freakin much...
    they've changed(so do i)..haha...people change...no doubt abt tht huh?

    and took a photo with mdm.ser.....
    the best class teacher i get for primary
    she's good..too good....LOL...
    haha...she still remembers me.....surprise....!!

    haha...finally i've found a way to join the malaysia fahrenheit fans club..
    its OFFICIAL...!! okays??
    gotta tell mummy 2 buy RM45 wang post and send it to the fan club
    to exchange for a member card and a tee-shirt...
    well...its WORTH...i love fei lun hai for my live...
    but anyhow...i can only post the wang post during december
    because they'll only start to recruit new members at december..
    sobs t~t 2 weeks more to go....

    still no news from wesley...
    really hope i can get in *pray hard*
    lols...hate my current school
    ahh...dont put too high hopes on that...
    my final aim is my PMR >_<
    gotta start studying but i aren't
    what have i got to do??
    well.....hope for the best....

    i dont doubt tht i am lazy....very very very lazy...
    oh well...its just my nature...cant change it can i?

    haha..looking foward to have fun in singapore....
    jessica's in shanghai
    with her friends...having fun now i bet...(DUHH)
    hmphss..i m gonna get mad at her
    abandoning her sister in malaysia like that....
    hmph..she better buy me someting nice and decent in shanghai...

    haha...but mum told her not to buy anything for me..
    sobs.....kedekut mummy...

    enuff of crapping for today...
    gotta go....

    The Joint I Am Feeling Now
    Tattoo-Jordin Sparks...
    Really niCe song...
    and i meant NICE...
    Click Here To Listen

    Friday, November 9, 2007 - 8:16 AM
    i'm lazy

    haha..slept till 4 p.m.
    can you believe that....???!!
    oh gosh...
    i'm soooo getting like a PIG...
    anyway...being a pig isnt cool..
    at least its cute though =)
    enough of the crapping...swt..
    tomorrow going 2 martin and meet my darling friends again =)
    love them
    haizz...i cant believe it....rejean is leaving...!!sobz....
    arrgghh forget it...
    blog again tomorrow...
    no patience now..

    Monday, November 5, 2007 - 10:49 AM
    i love them

    oh my gawd...
    i just finish writing a letter to my FAVED IDOL - - -
    that's right....the handsome dahlings....
    the four handsome dahlings....
    wish them all the best in their career....!!

    i'm gona sent the letter using post laju o taiwan
    they must see it...
    but i cant be sure of that....
    they are soooo busy and packed with programmes...
    perhaps next time...
    i'll fly to taiwan and go to their office and leave them a message..
    I MEAN IT....

    i swear...
    i must see them in person.....
    even if they grow old...
    i MUST meet them...!!

    i LOVE them....
    wish u guys luck =)

    Friday, November 2, 2007 - 4:07 AM
    its over...!!

    the exam,
    the nervous feeling,
    the boring feeling....................
    everything is OVER!!!

    yay........the torturing is over now!!!
    da wms exam was quite....
    i dint have the buku sifir they wanted us to bring....
    wat the hell????

    yay..starting martin tomorrow!!~~
    my dear sbs frens..
    here i come ^^
    Let challenge the form3 syllabus together!!!