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it's a story ,

The Person,

small girl with big dreams.
i'm officially in love with
my family & friends. I care about those
who care about me. Unusually crazy, playful
noisy and lazy. I live for a reason (: ,
and I'm loving my ever-so wonderful life. ?
Hate me if you want, i'm not stopping you.
Love me and i'll love you back.

Desires ,
  • World Peace

  • Never-Ending Happiness

  • True Friendships

  • A smile on faces of those around me

  • A fruitful & meaningful life

  • A smooth 2011 :)

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    Friday, February 29, 2008 - 9:26 AM
    Random Post

    i realized one thing___________________i'm just wayyy tooo lazy
    and another thing ___________________she's really so pathetic..why copy????

    went to the concert that day
    but i was sooooo lazy to update..
    jay should have did some encores on that day )):


    g po has officially tranformed into a jay fan ;p
    crazy over him i suppose??
    lol..she's soo random

    okay..and today was kh exam......
    Everything was considered OK
    except for the fcking careless mistake which burnt away my 12 marks
    i think i am gonna fail KH~

    going to get a new gadget tomorrow...
    i love you mummy
    and i need to thank you too joshua
    for the snatching of my ipod..LOL
    seriously i should thank him..
    if it weren't for him
    Mum will seriously call me to stick 2 my 2GB ipod...LMAO ((:

    uncle weng's coming back
    which means presents are on the wayyyy..
    i just love america.... =))))

    oh yeah...i'm almost broke
    left with 50 bucks in my wallet =(
    i just cant save any money this year
    too many temptations
    cant help it..its not my fault right??

    going for a "Secrets Of The Rich" seminar tomorrow
    should be boring?
    i dont know.

    Chelle and me was so "sampat" today ;p
    love her sometimes *grins*

    today computer lessons was sooo funny
    we had a short blackout and all the html codes
    we typed was gone...haha....
    and some of the guys sort of "blackmail" the teacher
    lol....claiming that it was part-of-the-exam.....LMAO
    and vinitha just cant enter the (*) into her source code....=)

    vinitha.....dont change please?
    I NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to all the M.Biotches(XL SIZE)
    stop scolding me and calling me to "go-back-to-your-place"
    and "stop-talking"

    Exam is HERE ALREADY~
    well its just like a test
    no worries...relax dear friends


    Friday, February 22, 2008 - 8:56 AM
    Fine Day..!!

    Ooopss....said something wrong today to the neighbour's son
    hope that he dont think wrongly ______________________ =.=

    haha...enjoyable day ;p
    but tiring..felt asleep during computer

    saw Milo today.. =)
    but he wants to go inside my house
    haha .. cute lil' devil

    saw Fulffy too...
    but he's so thin

    Found a song under my name
    yeps..my original name
    its called ALISON by Elvis Costello....
    haha...surprisingly ehss??
    and the song is rated 5th in the greatest love hits
    by new york times =)))

    Sync-ing ipod...Boring -.-
    tomorrow going roller bladding and concert
    its been a while since i last went roller bladding (:
    heard those stadium workers testing the sound system at stadium merdeka
    today and oh yeahhhh i am loving the vibration (:(:(:

    sometimes i think she's just a bloddy farking fat biotch
    scolds everyone whenever she's in one of her mood swings
    damn her
    and there's one more arsehole
    fking LCLY feel like slapping him in the face yesterday
    bloody hell prefect berlagak sangat -.-

    Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - 9:35 AM

    today...or shall i say yesterday?
    is quite a good an enjoyable day
    i hardly have anytime to blog now
    so i am blogging now at 2am in the morning
    i dint take my nap today =(

    my 24hours was filled with projects and homeworks
    and sometimes tuition
    time flies..Yep..

    what's wrong with everybody?
    why are they all asking me the same question?
    haha...i personally hoped that the answer will be YES
    but the fact is the answer is a firm NO.
    dissapointed ):

    haha...puiyan....tsunami ehs??
    *grin* ;p

    Sunday, February 17, 2008 - 6:20 AM

    omg..this is soooooo dreadful..
    kevipod has closed down both his myspace and his blog..!!
    my no.1 entertainment spot..!!!
    goddd is this happening??

    jonnyali is back tho =)
    yay thank god ;p

    kev please come back soon (:
    and mariah's label cant really touch you with legal actions
    and plus you live in sp*in
    they cant really find you from the US
    they need interpool...

    another week ahead..
    another week waiting ):

    Saturday, February 16, 2008 - 7:14 AM
    ♥___Ponteng-ed +

    haha..ponteng on friday
    but wei said tht the performance suck =(
    so it was a wise decision to ponteng ;p
    slept until 5pm on friday
    insane huh?

    today went martin as per usual
    came back with LRT
    martin was superb F.U.N =)
    with saik hoe and my friends chit-chatting
    haha...and we were sooo busy body

    after martin went makan at imperial
    the food there was not really "delicious"
    still edible =)

    learn Microsoft Visual Basics Advanced
    but...very complicated...all the formulae..
    hate it -.-
    i always suck at formula-memorizing

    martin thought indices
    it was sooo confusing t~t
    sobs.....hell's coming...
    imagine param teaching indices
    OMG __________________!!!
    ( eric..your mp3 is so slow...)

    New template..!!!
    yeahs..picked black and white as main color ;p
    i kinda like this skin :D
    thanks eclair-X for creating (:

    love all the joustar novels =))
    100% thumbs-up

    Saturday, February 9, 2008 - 8:47 AM

    haha..today my family reunion party..
    i thought it was at bangsar...
    but it ended up at........
    guess where???
    = times square neway karaoke =
    swt.....if i knew the party was gona be held at there
    i would have hanged out wif nat n yng..

    but so bad..cant go to sunway wif brenda n pui yan etc...
    wish to go but i cant split myself into 2 parts right??
    never been ice skating b4....haizz..

    today went bowling wif relatives n cousins at ts..
    saw caucasians playing bowling...!!
    in fact..i alot of other country tourists playing bowling..
    hehe...exp : arabics, caucasians n middle easts n of cuz malaysians ;p

    the caucasians are all soooooo calm n pro n hotttt
    well..not exactly pro..but still better den me
    there were 5 of them..
    joel was damn hotttttttt n he's cute
    joel scored 6 spares in a row

    hehehe...bought 3 new novels at mph yesterdayy...
    hehehe...lots of angpaos this year
    hehehe...finally bought my body glove top..!!!!!!!!!!
    haizz..but the red one..but i should have bought the black
    one instead...sobs...its all his fault lahh!!!

    hehehe...laugh now alison..
    after this sunday it'll
    be sobsobsob for you =(

    Tuesday, February 5, 2008 - 5:21 AM

    Sometimes love isnt about courage ;

    Sometimes courage will make things worst ;

    loving him is hard without him knowing it ;

    just get satisfied when you see the smile on his face ;

    Just Love Him ;

    the way you want ;

    even he dosent love you back ;

    its all worth it ;

    because he's the person worth your love